Mobile is not an option

Mobile is not an option

Mobile devices proliferate, with increasing processing power, in built sensors and mature operating systems their potential to transform our lives is just beginning. Comparing laptops with tablets is becoming a redundant exercise. Mobile devices allow for different use cases that that we never thought possible in the PC era. However the business world can be painfully slow to take advantage of what mobile technology offers. In our experience the main reasons are :

Lack of perceived competition
Often when competitors aren’t seen to innovate , a degree of complacency sets. ‘Business as usual’ prevails . This goes unnoticed until it a new competitor innovates and takes market share from more established organisations.

IT risk
Implementing enterprise technology has (rightly) a bad reputation. Over promising coupled with big bang implementations approaches can leave business leaders with long memories and wary of the next big thing. Increasingly businesses are adopting proof of concept trials to introduce new technology reducing risk operational financial risk.

Implementation partner lacks industry knowledge
Technical brilliance and industry ignorance does not end well. Understanding the objectives of the organisation and how it delivers results ie is vital to ensure technology can support it’s mission.

For providers of audit , accreditation and certification services mobile technology offers a huge potential to make processes more efficient, deliver better services and save costs. At Inultra we use our technical and industry knowledge to help organisations to take advantage of mobile, transform their business and better serve their clients.