Software for testing, inspection and certification services

The certification industry is constantly being challenged to reduce time and cost for services whilst keeping their customers better informed.   Inultra helps certification bodies use technology to become more efficient and as a result more responsive to their customer's needs. We believe software is an essential tool for the certification industry to thrive in the 21st century.


Mobile applications power inspection and certification services

Inultra develops mobile applications specifically for the TIC industry. Business often sacrifice speed , data data integrity and security by using paper or traditional desktop software. Inultra design and develops mobile enterprise applications which address these challenges.   

We work with our clients to build ...

  • Cloud hosted applications that scale to meet to meet testing and reporting needs. 
  • Elimination of data silos providing a greater opportunity to get value  from existing data. 
  • Mobile apps with user-experience at there core, enabling your certification team to be more efficient on site.
  • Single-source, one-stop hub of information on all aspects of your audit and assessment activities.
  • Client portals, giving you the opportunity to keep your clients fully appraised on what’s happening on the ground.
  • Scaleable solutions with the capability to grow seamlessly as your organisation explores new opportunities.